Only Kpopers understand this

My name is MISS A .
I’m 2NE1 years old .
I’m a SUPER JUNIOR in my school .
If you hate my bias then i will give you a BIGBANG in your face .
I want to be SHINEE star .
My generation is GIRLS GENERATION .
My favourite coulour is CN BLUE and APINK .
I like to eat ORANGE CARAMEL .
My wish is to go to FTISLAND .
I have a T-ARA and i wanna be APINCESS .
I live in EXO planet and HELLO VENUS .
I go to school at 2AM and back at 2PM .
AFTER SCHOOL , i mee my SISTARs at BLOCK B , 4MINUTES later , my BOYFRIEND comes and U-KISS me .
My love to him is INFINITE .
After RAIN , RAINBOW will apear and the moment is very B.A.P
my name is miss a i'm 2ne1 years old

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